Why you should choose Karaku

Convenient location for sightseeing in Kyoto! Located in the heart of Kyoto's Gion District.

Karaku is located in the heart of Higashiyama District just 3 minutes on foot from Yasaka Shrine and Maruyama Park. It is a perfect location for sightseeing and close enough for guests to walk to Kiyomizu Temple.

  • Yasaka-jinja Shrine 3 min on foot
  • Maruyama Park 3 min on foot
  • Kodai-ji Temple 5 min on foot
  • Chion-in Temple 5 min on foot
  • Yasaka Pagoda 5 min on foot
  • Kiyomizu-dera Temple 15 min on foot

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Tastes of Kyoto you can only enjoy at Karaku. Seasonal Kyoto cuisine served banquet-style

Our highly rated dinners are prepared with seasonal seafood and locally sourced produce, and served banquet-style. The seasonal ingredients set the stage for a wonderful dinner for that specific time of the year.

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Guest rooms with wonderful views

The view from the top floor facing east is of eastern mountains that are said to resemble Buddha sleeping. Rooms facing west look out on the cityscape.

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Service & Amenities

The large bath comes with tea-scented shampoo and body soap that are popular with women. These products are also sold in the lobby along with other souvenirs of Kyoto.

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